Norbert Diel

Rechtsanwalt Norbert Diel

Norbert Diel,
Major d.R.
der Deutschen Vereinigung
für Gewerblichen Rechtsschutz und Urheberrecht e.V.


RA Diel übt nebenberuflich folgende Tätigkeiten aus:

Mitherausgeber der Sammlung von
Entscheidungen in Kirchensachen (KirchE)

Vorsitzender des Vorstands des Fördervereins
des Instituts für Kirchenrecht der
Universität zu Köln.

Sachkundiger Bürger im Bauausschuss
des Rates der Gemeinde Vettweiss.

Lets look some time ahead and wander the mind
The Internet has quantum-physical characteristics: For example, it is both decentralized and centralized, and these two overlap. Of course, there are many other quantum-physical characteristics. But that is exactly what it makes: the internet can assume two different realities simultaneously. The next state- and society system that could succeed the Western democracies in about 200 years will be based on the Internet and its quantum-physical characteristics, because they are the ones that might restore the eroded society contract. As yet, we do not know what this system will look like in a largely dematrialized world. But it is clear that some contemporary and sophisticated kind of Orwell and Huxley would be possible simultaneously in one. The USA (data as raw materials for life convenience) and China (social credit system) are the first states to have set out each on this path. (2022-03-14)